A wrench is also called a spanner. It is a tool that is used to provide grip and mechanical advantage when applying torque to screw or fasten rotary objects such as nuts and bolts.

A crowfoot wrench is a type of wrench that looks similar to the head of an open-end wrench but does not possess a shaft or handle. It has an opening behind the wrench mouth which is used to accommodate a socket set-handle.

Wrenches are sometimes named based on their shapes or function. The crow wrench is just one among the types of wrenches that are present.

Other types include but are not limited to open-end wrench, box wrench, combination wrench, Allen wrench, socket wrench, and an adjustable wrench.

Wrenches are very important tools to have in a toolbox. The crowfoot wrench is designed to use the same drive sizes as socket wrenches. They are non-cylindrical in shape but have ends similar to those found on the open-end, box-end or flare nut wrenches.

They are typically used when spaces restrictions are critical or when there needs to be an application of a torque must be measured. Crowfoot wrenches simply work where common 6pt and 12pt sockets and wrenches simply cannot fit. I call them the ‘lifesaving’ wrenches.



If you look forward to buying a crow foot wrench for your use, it is good to go through a buying guide to see the different brands of crowfoot wrenches that exist and the right one for your needs. We have carefully selected these products and recommend these products for buyers. This guide is in no particular order but is a perfect buying guide when it comes to Crowfoot wrenches.


  • Craftsman 10 Piece Standard Crowfoot Wrench Set

This Craftsman inch crowfoot wrench set has a 3/8 inch drive size and fits easily on extensions, breaker bars and ratchets. It has a precision machined build which fits fasteners snug, and also helps to end rounded and stripped heads. It also has highly polished wipes that wipe the wrench clean after messy jobs. There is also the presence of a storage pouch that helps to keep everything in place. It comes with Craftsman’s forever guarantee, and delivers great performance that lasts long.

  • KD Tools’ Gear Wrench 81908 SAE Crowfoot Wrench Set

This product comes in various sizes. The wrenches are made from rugged alloy steel and are chrome plated. There is the presence of a sturdy blow mold tray which locks the tools securely in place. This gear wrench also comes with KD tools lifetime warranty.

  • Tekton 2585 ½ Inch Drive Jumbo Crowfoot Wrench Set

If you need a product to show you how to use crowfoot wrenches to reach fasteners in tight spaces, then the Tekton set of wrenches is a perfect tool for your toolbox. It is perfect for reaching difficult angles that other wrenches find difficult. It also comes with ready to go wrenches and a snap in storage that keeps the wrenches well organized. These wrenches are made from forged and hardened steel, that ensure quality.

  • NEIKO 3/8-inch and ½ inch Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench Set

With this crowfoot wrench set, you can extend your reach to inaccessible spaces. With their open ended discs, these wrenches can slip easily over hex sided fasteners. These wrenches are made from the highest quality of chromium molybdenum alloy steel. They appear in a range of metric sizes from 8mm to 24mm and are universally compatible with 3/8 or ½ inch drive head tools.

  • V8 Tools 7814 14-Piece ½ Inches Drive SAE Jumbo Crowfoot Wrench

This wrench set comes with a thin blade design that makes it easy to use. It has features such as hole in square holds extension bar tightly. A drop-forged alloy steel, which is fully polished. It also comes in a plastic tray for toolbox drawer.


Extra Guide to use crowfoot wrench

If you are in need of crowfoot wrenches and are not sure of the best one for you, we have here some useful tips for your benefit. A few affordable USA brands of crowfoot wrenches exist, though most of them are priced high.

The US made craftsman crow wrenches are very high-quality wrenches, but are sometimes hard to find. They are very affordable and are great for building a better toolset.

The Gearwrench is a very good and high quality imported wrench which are very well built and furnished.  Tekton wrenches are very strong and durable wrenches and are a very good buy.

We advise that you do not go ahead to buy a crowfoot wrench except you can get them on sale, or you are certainly sure you are going to be needing them.They are also necessary when nothing else would fit in. That is one-way people know how to use crowfoot wrenches when nothing else fits.

Therefore, the crowfoot wrenches are not tools you will need to stock. You will be needing them only a few times a year, so it will be good to start on a small budget when purchasing them. With time, if your need for them then grows, upgrades can then be made with a greater cost efficiency.



Crowfoot wrenches are very important toolset to have and can come in handy on many occasions. However, it is not a tool to have in large supply due to its minimal usage. All brands of crowfoot wrench are good buys based on your budget and desired choice, and they will all do well for you. So our advice is that you go for your choice, but don’t overstock your toolbox with crowfoot wrenches. That is except you are going to need them in large quantity. They are long lasting and durable and will do you well. We hope our buying guide will help select a good brand to purchase. Buy right and buy well.

This article talks about the crowfoot wrench, its uses and a buying guide to help you buy the best wrench for your needs.


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