For right and perfect sanding with an orbital sander, you should know how to use an orbital sander. You should know also what type of sand grit you have to use. For that, you should go through this article.

Let’s see in details!


What is an orbital sander?

Orbital sander has Diversify uses and it provides heavy duty. With a right sandpaper, you can perform the best finishing. Orbital sander has two basic forms considering its shape.

  • Square sanding pad orbital sander
  • Random orbital sander

From these two types, the random orbital sander is mainly the new version of disc sander but works like the belt sander. Orbital sander performs better than other sanders too. Its finishing is also impressive. But you have to follow some instructions. One of the interesting things is that random orbital sander can move in circular section as well as in Z-axis slightly. This renders a good change to your piece of wood.  

On the other hand, the square pad system provides a square shape sanding pad. It works as the traditional sander.

Proper ways to use:

Choose the right sandpaper

On the random orbital sander, you have to use circular sandpaper normally. Sandpaper has a number system to identify. Each number contains a different importance. Normally it starts at 60. On the initial point, you need to move to a great change on the wood block. And for the initial point, you have to move for fast timing. So, for this, you should use sandpaper which has a lower number. The number system ends at 240. But at 240 grits is perfect for final finishing. It takes a long time to perform your desired function. No matter how perfectly you do, always try to match the sandpaper with your job type.

You need to choose the right sandpaper so that you shouldn’t use your arm to sanding. Most of the sanding part should be done by the sandpaper.

Take safety precautions

It is always important to wear safety glass when to deal with like this type of machine. Don’t forget to wear a mask too. Don’t let the dust enter into your nose.

Turn on the switch before using

Before using this rotating machine turn it on to testify its speed. You will get to know after making this speedy that is it working fully or not.

Starts from one end

Now, start to sand from one end of the workpiece. Move slowly. Don’t need to do and if you are in hurry. Because sanding will make your wood a great piece.

Hold firmly

No need to set extra pressure on the handle. It won’t help you in any way. Why? I will explain it later.So, just remember that you have to hold the handle firmly against the wood when moving.

Move in the direction of the grain

You have to check whether the action of the grain is moving. If the grain moves to the right, move the sander in the right direction. But if the grain moves in left, move the sander in the left.

Turn off

Don’t pick your eyebrows yet just by seeing the conclusion here!You should not stop the sander during sanding. At first pick of the orbital sander on running situation. Then stop the sander. Otherwise, your effort will get destroyed.  

An orbital sander can collect dust

In most of the orbital sander nowadays you can find a dust collector. If you can see in the back of your orbital sander something like bag or hose, that will be the dust collector. With an active dust collector system, you can easily keep the dust away from spreading over the area. But don’t forget to clean the dust from the collector.

What you shouldn’t do

If you are still following my instructions, I should ask you to give a proper look at these terms. These will help you to sand the wood perfectly and will also give your machine a longer life.

Don’t make the angle

You shouldn’t make angle when sanding. Because if you do so, it will make a new tap on the wood. And for that, you will have to again sand the whole wood. So, never do this mistakenly too. Only a 10-degree angle can change the whole work. And to avoid unwilling angle making, you should stop sanding when the sandpaper left with ¼ of it.  

Don’t give excess pressure

I have mentioned earlier to avoid excess pressure. This orbital sander is made for minimal pressure. That means you don’t need to press over the sander. So, actually, the rpm will get to slow over and the finishing won’t be good at all.

Remember to sand the edges

Most of the people forget about it. If you don’t run the sander over the edges, the whole surface of the workpiece will end into an oval shape. And obviously, you don’t want this. So, always finish the edges.

Don’t run after permanent spots

If you are now doing sanding and searching in the web about how to deal with a permanent spot during sanding, please stop being so arrogant. Actually, it is better to leave that spot. These kinds of the spot on a wood are very normal. Don’t ruin effort by focusing on that simple spot.


Final words

So at the end of the day, you have to sand on your own. I have just made it easy to you that how to use an orbital sander and involved some precautions. Try to read again. Follow the instructions. Just keep the same pace on a single move over the wood and focus on the sand machine. I hope you will be able to set a good finish to the wood.


Robert P. has been a DIY, woodworking enthusiast for 5 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and tools. He loves solving problems and crafting ideas from scratch.

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