For perfect drilling to the solid surface, the hammer drill is the best option. So, you should know how to use a hammer drill. At the time of drilling, always point out where you want to drill. Check the drill bit size according to the size of the hole. Set the hammer drill perpendicular. Don’t make any angle.You need to hold it perfectly as well as maintain the pressure. Whatever, you will learn thoroughly by practicing. But for that, you have to know the basic of how to use a hammer drill that you will find in this article.

Let’s see!


What will you need?

At first, let’s see what type of things you will need to use a hammer drill. It’s most important to prepare yourself before using any machinery object. So what you will need-

  • Hammer drill
  • Masonry drill bit
  • Masking tape
  • Safety glass

As you know what you have to gather, let’s see the step by step process to use a hammer drill.

Get your hammer drill

Before doing anything, you will have to manage a hammer drill. You should pick the best one from the market. But yes, your budget also matters a lot.

Maybe you are thinking of buying a lower price one. But remember if you do so, it may happen that the hammer drill won’t working after few works. Brands value is important. You should keep in mind that point. You should also keep in mind the depth setting, function, grip, motor and many more things.

Know the bit size

It depends where you want to drill. Masonry drill bit is one of the best drill bit. You can find easily in the market. But there are also different types in the masonry bit types. Like the special bit for cement drilling or porcelain tiles drilling. Carbide tips are becoming so popular.

Drill size is also important. You should be aware of the size of the hole and choose the drill bit accordingly. Like one of the most common sizes of the drill bit is 10 to 12 mm. This size indicates that you want to hang something on the wall.    

Attach the bit to the drill

The sub-heading says already what you need to do. Open the chuck. Set the drill bit into the hammer drill. Tighten as much as it can be.

Don’t take the risk! Check the speed or other things by switching on the hammer drill.

Set the depth

You should know for how much depth you want to drill. It will be better if your hammer drill has the depth stopper settings. By using that you can set the depth of the drill bit. But if your one doesn’t contain such a setting, you can use masking tape. Just use tape to the drill bit to indicate the depth. During drilling stop when you will reach to that indication.  

Mark on the wall

I know you have already decided where to drill. But for safe drilling, you should mark on the wall with an X-sign. That will let you drill perfectly. So, use masking tape on the wall or marker to set the destination.  

Hold perfectly

Hold the hammer drill straightly. Don’t hold it at any angle. Put your right hand’s index finger on the trigger. And hold the bar with your left hand.  

Pitot hole at first

Then start your hammer drill. At first start with a very low speed. And drill a small hole. It is called pitot hole. This hole will help you to drill to your desired target. Now maybe you are thinking how much should be the depth of pitot hole? Okay! Actually, it matters. If the targeted hole is too large, you should try with a smaller diameter drill bit for pitot hole. Normally 3 to 5 mm is enough.

Drill fully

Now, turn off the drill, stay back. Start with full speed and drill fully. If you think that you are getting stuck, apply force to the handle. Don’t lose the control over the machine. Remember one thing, drill always perpendicular. Don’t make any angle. It doesn’t matter whether you do intentionally or unintentionally, angle drilling will end up at worst finishing.

Pull back the drill

Always look at the depth indication. Whenever feel to apply pressure, apply without thinking anything. After reaching the depth, switch off quickly. Let the drill stop rotating. Then pull back the hammer drill.

Before Ending

In the hole, there may be some unwanted dust and scarp of the concrete. It will be better if you blow into the hole. It will be enough to clear the hole.

So, here’s the end of drilling a hole.


What shouldn’t you do?

There are some mistakes that people do when to using a hammer drill. I have also noted down here those mistakes. So, read them properly and be aware of them.

Too much pressure

I have suggested applying pressure before. But don’t pressurize too much. It may break the bit if you aren’t using a standard one. Or excess pressure can damage the motor too.

Cool the drill bit

Continuous drilling can make the drill a bit hot. This can shorten the life of your drill bit. To prevent that you can apply some water to the drill bit. This will cool down the drill bit.

Switch off when changing the drill bit

You may need to change the drill bit. You may have to drill with different sizes drill bit. So, when to change the drill bit always plug off the drill. After changing, turn on it for checking purpose.

Wear safety materials

Don’t forget to wear safety glass. Dust or smaller pieces can harm your eyes.

Don’t use a dull bit

After a certain period of time, the sharpness of the drill bit may be gone. Don’t use the drill bit on that situation. At first sharp the dull bit using grinder. Otherwise, it may harm the life period of your hammer drill machine.


Therefore, you have learned how to use a hammer drill. By using the correct bit you can drill perfectly. Don’t forget to read this article at least twice before starting to use the hammer drill. And last of all, stay safe!


Robert P. has been a DIY, woodworking enthusiast for 5 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and tools. He loves solving problems and crafting ideas from scratch.

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