Are you getting disturbed in drilling with the time loss and not cutting like before? That may be happening because of the dull drill bits. You shouldn’t use the dull drill bit. A dull drill bit is dangerous too. So sharpen the bits. I have explained in this article how to sharpen drill bits in detail. Let’s explore!  

Know your drill bit

Whatever the angle is, you should look before three things on a drill bit. They are lip, land, and chisel.

Lip is main cutting part of the drill bit. It has two sections and both of them are symmetric. They should be symmetric. Otherwise, if you drill and lip isn’t symmetric, you won’t be able to drill properly and one part of the drill will be larger than other parts.

Landing is supportive to the lip and stays in an angle. It helps to support the edges when cutting. When the two lands meet with each other, there creates a line. It is called Chisel. It is better to use a drill bit which has the small chisel.  


Know the angle of your drill bit

At first, you have to get to know that what the angle of your drill bit is. Most of the common drill bit has 118-degree angle. The special type of drill bit belongs to different angles.

Sharpen using tool

You can use the bit sharpening tool. This won’t cost too much. It will lessen your effort a lot. Let’s see how to get proper benefit by using this.

Set the tool at an angle

At upwards, I have said to inspect what is the angle of your drill bit. Set the sharpening tool to that specific angle. Make the thumbnut tight.

Fit the edges

On the top of the too, you will find a small tip. You have to set the edges with the tip perfectly. You may need to lower or upper the tip to fit the edges of the flute properly.

Overhang equal to the radius

Leave some portion of the drill bit free. It should be equal to the radius of the drill bit. It is because if you overhang a big portion, overhang part may distort the sharpen point and also can get shattered.

The cutting edge has to be very sharp and that is our main goal to sharpen the drill bits. Otherwise, it will be very hard to enter into a metal.

Set the bit

Now, clamp the bit to the tool tightly. Then align the bit end squarely with the grinder.

Then, it will be better to clamp the tool to the table. Because it will be better if you don’t set the tool too close to the grinder. Because ultimately it won’t let you get your desired sharping. It may happen that extra portion gets sharped unintentionally.

Start the grinder

Now, start your grinder. You can use the bench grinder or belt sander to sharp. Move the tool to left and right. Your intention should be to let the bit touches the grinder very lightly. That means no deep connection.

Turn the tool half

Just turn half to the right. You will be able to sharpen the one part of the lip. Then move the tool to the other half in the left. That will be done to the other part of the lip.

Check the sharp

See by yourselves to check how much you have sharpened the drill bit. Before checking, run off the motor and release the bit and then check. Stop to sharpen if it satisfies you. Otherwise, adjust the new overhang and sharp again.

So, after all, you have done with the sharpening the drill bit.  


Sharpen using the hand-made jig

If it doesn’t seem to you to use the sharpening tool to sharpen the drill bit, you can use the handmade wooden jig to sharp perfectly. You can say this way as handy way as well. After all, you have to carefully use your hand here.

Mark the wood properly

At first, choose a scarp piece of wood. Then mark the wood as the angle that your drill bit requires. Let us deal with 59 degrees. You set the mark on the wood to 59 degrees perfectly with the marker.

Cut the wood perfectly

Set your wood along with the table saw. Cut the wood through the mark perfectly. Cut enough so that the drill bit can fit into. Make the slot at v-shape. It will be helpful to you set the drill bit easily. But don’t make the slot much wide too.

Set the wood block and bit

You have to set the block before the grinder. Then put the drill bit into the slot.

Run the grinder

After running the grinder, at first move around the bit and touch the grinder very slightly. Spark will be little and initial sharpening will be done. Then Move the block right to left. Slowly move the block and touches slightly the grinder. Move to the end of the grinder to right and then move the same path again to the left. If you have done with one part of the lip, reverse the position and do that again for the other part.

Do symmetrically

If it becomes very hard to remember, I can give you a simple but important clue that always does every work symmetrically. If you sharp one side following a way, then do the same for the other side too. And your bit will sharpen automatically.   


So, what are you waiting for! Don’t look for anyone. You can do it by yourself. Just follow a suggestion that doesn’t give the overdose. It may affect negatively. So, prepare yourself with safety precautions. Wear glasses but it will better to grip the bit with your naked hand. Just be careful when sharpening. I have instructed fully in this article how to sharpen drill bits. Follow them as much as you can. Enjoy the best drilling with the sharpen drill bits!


Robert P. has been a DIY, woodworking enthusiast for 5 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and tools. He loves solving problems and crafting ideas from scratch.

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