Like other ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are hard. But it is heavier and highly dense than other tiles. It is normally used in such places like water or steam, mainly in the bathroom wall, floor or in the kitchen. Because its absorption rate of water is very low.  

As porcelain tiles are harder than other tiles and also heavier, it will be a bit tough to get through the tiles. But actually, drilling will become easy if you follow our instructions. We deal here with how to drill through porcelain tile in step by step. You have to just go through it fully. So, what are you waiting for?

Have a look.


What will you need to drill?

All the time you should get prepared yourself before doing any certain work. And for drilling porcelain tile you will need below items.

  • Diamond core drill bits
  • Masonry drill bits
  • Hole saw bit
  • Drill machine
  • Measuring tool
  • Marker
  • Masking tape and hammer
  • Or Guide plate
  • Wet sponge
  • Safety glass

Step by step guideline:

Make the tile surface clean

Take a clean towel. Drench it with water and soap mixture. Now clean the surface of the tile. This will help you to identify the condition of the tile as well as help you to drill smoothly.

Know your drill bit

It is important to know which type of drill bit you have to use. If you are thinking to use the masonry bit, there can be the shattering problem due to the size of the bit shape. But if you use the diamond bit, it will be very much easy for you to drill porcelain type high dense tile. But you should remember one thing that if you are drilling for plumbing, you will have to use hole saw bit.

Locate and mark the area

At first, locate the area on the tiles where to drill actually. It is a common problem to slip the drill bit during drilling the tile. It is a natural incident and it can happen to you too. So for that after locating the place you should mark the point.

Place masking tape on where you want to drill. Then measure the area and mark that with masking tape again symbolling X. You can now drill at ease.

Make slot

It is important to make a slot before drilling. Why take the risk! It can happen that you slip the bit as the tile is smooth enough. Or mistakenly you can start drill on the wrong point as well. This slot will let you not to lose the grip over the handle as well.

  • Using hammer and drill bit

You can make a slot for drilling on porcelain tile by using simply hammer and drill bit. You have to place the drill bit on the exact drilling point. Then hammer on the drill for thrice or twice. Your slot is ready.But here is a problem that you can’t make a slot for larger diameter hole.


  • using guide plate

In the market, you can find guide plate. This kind of guide plate is non-slip. And there are different diameters hole. You have to just push this plate against the porcelain tile. It will get tighter to the wall automatically.

Choose where to drill. Then hold your guide plate. There are smaller to larger holes. Larger holes are for the hole saw. Choose the right size. Now, slightly wet the drill bit into the water. This will help to cool the drill. Now slowly drill for five to ten seconds. This will be enough to make the slot. Remove the drill machine. There will be a small pit over the drill section. You can now start the drilling.

We think if you use guide plate, you won’t need to use masking tape and measuring tool as well. You can simply finish the initial work using only a guide plate.

Start drilling

Now, the final and most important part. In this part, you have to drill the tile thoroughly. But for that, you need quite patience. Because you have to work very slowly. Otherwise, mistakenly your whole work will go in vain.

Don’t worry!

If you slowly and steadily drill the bit, it will be able to do it perfectly. Take your time. Never start drilling at full speed. As with fast speed, the drill machine will get overheat and make vibration. But don’t lose the grip. Slowly increase the pressure over the drill point. Don’t increase at a time. Else this will turn into breaking the wall or cracking.


Always cool the drill bit

Don’t forget that your drill bit gets heated. It happens as you do the drilling for a long time. So, it is important to prevent the drill bit from overheating.

You can spray water maintaining a certain time. It will help to cool down the bit. But on the other side, it can affect negatively. Water can go into the motor. This can damage the drill machine.

So there is another way that you can follow without any risk. You can use a wet sponge. This will help you to cool the bit always. There are other benefits too. When to drill, there will be a lot of waste. So, those will be caught by this sponge as well. You have to hold the wet sponge below the drill bit. This is the proper and exact way to cool down the bit.

See! Here is the hole on your porcelain tile.



Therefore, you have learned how to drill through porcelain tile. If you have read this article carefully, I can ensure you that you won’t feel any hesitation in the next drilling session. Just don’t haste when to drill the porcelain tile. It will nothing but damage your wall. And also this will affect your drill bit life. And don’t forget to wear safety glass during drilling. It is one of the most important tasks. Stay safe!


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