Are you searching for the best handy binding material which also has the lowest cost? Yes, you are right it is zip ties. Whenever you have to bind electric cables, zip ties should be in the top of your choice list.

But there is a problem, zip ties are fully manual. It can be tightened and loosened by your hand. After perfectly locking, you may need to cut the extra portion of the zip ties. You have to cut that. It is not so much hard but you need to how to cut zip ties perfectly by using proper tools. I have explained in this article briefly about this.

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Zip ties: Different types

It is a very common binding material which is made of nylon. Cost is very low and its use is very wide. People use these ties to tie the electric wires safely. Ties can be tightened or loosened manually. There are a number of teeth and looks like a gear rack. Through an open portion on the head, the zip can be inserted and thus it ties. There are several types of zip ties. They are given below:

  • Nylon zip ties
  • Security zip ties
  • Special zip ties
  • Stainless steel zip ties
  • Food grade zip ties
  • Reusable zip ties

Best way to cut zip ties after installation: Easy steps with effective tips

Zip ties can be cut in different ways. But what about a way which will lessen your time as well as give you the best output? We are here talking that best way of cutting zip tie with the best tool. Let’s see that!

What will you need?

You will need nothing much actually. You will need just a perfect cutter. This cutter will do the end job. So, your first target is to collect the zip tie cutter tool and that should be best. There may several cutter tools to cut zip ties exactly. But don’t get confused. I will tell you what will be the best one for you.


You can use pliers to cut nylon zip ties. But it will be best to use pliers for this material. The thinner material won’t last long against twisting motion. Just hold the removal portion of zip ties with pliers and give a sharp twist. On the feedback, your zip ties already get a cut.

Tensioning tool:

If the zip ties are thick, it won’t be wise to use the twist method. There are several tensioning tools online. Just buy one and use that tool. Hold the zip tie with the cutter and cut simply by pressing it with your hand.

Wire cutter

You can use a normal wire cutter. Zip ties have also another name which is cable ties. No complex offer, just a simple step. Hold the part of the zip ties that you want to cut and press the cutter.

Using scissor:

This is also a simple and handy way to cut zip ties. In every house, there should be scissors. But it won’t be wise to use the usual scissor that you also use for household works.  Just set the scissor on the gear rack. Put the one blade of the scissor touching the tail. Use another blade to cut. Press the tail with one stroke and end up your effort with a well-finished edge.

Unlock the zip ties: Cutting isn’t the only option

Sometimes, just cut off won’t solve the problem. It is better to just unlock the zip ties. By this, you can reuse the zip ties. So, let’s check them that by using what type of tool you can do that along with a fully handy way.

Nail or small screwdriver

At first look at the locking mechanism. Normally all type of zip ties working mechanism is the same actually. At first, make a loop then pull to make the tie tight.

The end after the lock tends to make the curve. You can bend to make the cutting process easy. After bending on, the locking mechanism will be loosened. After that, you can use a nail or small screwdriver. Use that to push down by inserting into the lock bar. Now pull back the zip ties. Slowly the zip ties will be opened.

Using finger only

You can reuse a zip tie for hundreds of times. You have to just follow a simple trick to do that. Let’s follow-

  • Hold the zip ties with your hand. Set your fingernail on the lock mechanism.
  • Press down with your nails to pull the lock bar down.
  • Now, simply push back the zip ties back.

See, how simple this trick is! You can follow this technique if you don’t want to buy this cheapest binding object.

Quick and effective tips: Remember while cutting

There are some simple and short tips that will help you to cut the zip ties like a professional.

  • You should wear eye protection while cutting zip ties.
  • Try to use a flush cutter. This cutter is prominent for cutting small things.
  • After cutting if you find the edges sharp, simply pull that part. It won’t be tough to do that.
  • Always cut after tightening properly. Don’t cut before making the perfect loop.



Therefore, you have got a full brief on how to cut zip ties. Right? I have explained how to cut for every particular tool. You may use the scissor or tensioning tool or pliers, but the fact is you have to use the tool correctly. Remember every tool has its own unique rule. If you follow that rule, you will get the best result. But the most effective way is to use a flush cutter. This is the best one for this job. It has high finish end and cut the zip ties as perfectly as you want. But remember one thing; don’t leave unfinished edge after cutting. Give the edge a smooth finishing.

Best of luck and don’t forget the safety while cutting zip ties.    


Robert P. has been a DIY, woodworking enthusiast for 5 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and tools. He loves solving problems and crafting ideas from scratch.

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