Porcelain tile is one kind of special tile for bathroom floors, wall or for the kitchen. There are various methods for cutting porcelain tile. For every method, at least one special tool is needed. I have suggested here five types of cutting tools for five methods. Also, I have explained here a detailed process of how to cut porcelain tile with these five tools. Read them at first and then pick your suitable method of porcelain tile cutting.

Let’s see-

Using tile cutter

It is one of the most common and viable ways to cut porcelain tile. What is the common idea about it? It is like score and snaps method. A simple handy tool is available as tile cutter in the market. It is kind of a manual way. It is very easy to use this tool and method. Don’t worry! I have below explained how to use this tool.

Place the tile

At first, place the porcelain tile that you want to cut. Place just below the cutting edge of the tool. Set the tile perfectly. Don’t make any angle.

Set and lock the tool

Lock the tool so that the tile can’t move or vibrant. Set the scoring tool ready to score.

Correctly move the marker

Move the score from the starting point to end of the tile. It is better to move the tile for only once perfectly but you can do that for twice. But many scoring can lead the tile into the worse situation like cracking, rough cut, unfinished edge etc.

Press down at the end

Now, put the pressure pad on the approximate center of the score. Force on the tile. See, here are your two pieces of porcelain tile.

When not to use tile cutter?

Tile cutter doesn’t work perfectly for-

  • Round Cut
  • Angle Cut
  • Larger tiles than the cutter
  • Small pieces of cut

Using tile nipper

A very straightforward tool, very much handy and manual way, that is tile nipper. If you are in a problem to give a round cut to your porcelain tile, your problem will be easily solved by a tile nipper. You may not like this method as it is very time-consuming. But you have to apply this tool when to cut a single block of tool or a very round cut or arcs cut that other tool can’t give. So, let’s have a look!

Mark the cutting area clearly

I hope already you have decided how much area you want to cut. Mark with a permanent marker to that area.

Utility knife to score

Use a utility knife to score on that marking. Run the knife properly and accurately.  

Cut with a tile nipper

Now, cut smaller pieces at first. Then move to the larger pieces. Don’t cut at haste. Cut properly. When you will reach to edge, cut very safely and precisely.

Use sandpaper

You can sharp and smooth the cutting edge by using a sandpaper. Rub the edge with proper sandpaper.

When not to use tile nipper?

If you have to deal with many tiles, don’t use tile nipper as it is time-consuming.

Using wet saw

If you have to cut a very large scale or batch, you should use a wet saw. Because it is a very time-saving tool. You can use this tool very quickly. Also, you can use for angular cutting, diagonal cutting. The blade can be adjusted.

Mark the place

Mark with a marker where you want to cut. Mark with a permanent marker.

Fill up with water

There is a reservoir in the machine for water. Fill up that with fresh water.

Score on the point

Score with a utility knife on that marking point. It will help you to have a clean and precious cut.

Push the tile to the saw

Start the saw. Set your tile according to the cutting type. It is possible to set the tile in angle. So, place it according to your need. Then push the tile to the saw. Automatically, you will get two pieces. You can lift up the saw anytime you want.

When not to use a wet saw?

If you think for round cutting or curve cutting, you should not use the wet saw. And last of all this tool is not economically visible.

Using a diamond hole saw

It is the best way to use this diamond cutter tool for round cutting like drilling a hole into a porcelain tile. You have to use a power drill to optimize this tool.

Attach the tool with the power drill

You have to attach the tool with a power drill at first. It will better if you search for a template matched with the diamond hole saw.

Set the porcelain tile and template

At first set the tile on two pieces of wood or some other thing to hold it up from the ground. Then set the template on the tile where to cut. Don’t forget to fix the template with masking tape on the tile.

Set your tool and cut

Now, set your attached tool on the template. Run the drill. And then move that through the cutting section. Spray water on the tile during and before cutting.

When not to use a diamond hole saw?

Simply to say, this tool is for only making a hole in the porcelain tile. So, you can’t use for other purposes.  

Using angle grinder

You may know that sometimes you have to give the different shape of cut in a single tile like L shape, straight cut, curvy cut, round cut or some others. For that, you should use an angle grinder.


At first score, the cutting is perfect. In this case, you have to score carefully. Deep scoring is appreciated.

Use grinder

Now use the grinder. For different types of cut, you have to run the grinder in various way. Follow the score and run several times.

This may seem easy but you have to practice several times for perfect cutting.


You know now how to cut porcelain tile by using five different tools. If you are a newbie, I will suggest you follow handy methods for learning at first. But do the work sincerely. Otherwise, you may not get your desired cut.


Robert P. has been a DIY, woodworking enthusiast for 5 years, and in that time has written huge resources on woodworking and tools. He loves solving problems and crafting ideas from scratch.

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